Night Club

Esto es un trabajo de la universidad. Hasta ahora no había posteado nada en inglés por que simplemente no lo hago pero me pareció que podía ser bueno. Aparte mi profesora me dijo que estaba bueno y así les doy más tiempo para que se entretengan con algo hasta que se me ocurra algo nuevo que poner en este lugar.

You could feel it from the moment you put your feet in that place. I did. You could feel the silence of hundreds of souls that didn´t want to be known. Their bodies were the ones that were going to do the talking that night. No words, no talking, no verbal communication. If there was someone for you in that place you would found it, but just for that night.

Just when I got in there I felt this cold hand touching my neck really gently, sliding it very slowly to my mouth. Her cold sweaty hands made me feel the energy that her soul was irradiating through every part of her body. When her hands reached my mouth I realized where this was going. There was no time for questions , or doubts. The feeling of the place wouldn´t allow it. The pill was already in my mouth. This bitter taste rapidly invaded my senses and qhen I turned to see who had gently forced me to live the experience of ecstacy, she wasn´t there. She never was.

Not much time passed when I started feeling this fantastic sensation. At first I didn´t notice it but the sounds were getting more intense, untill my heart was in perfect syncronization with the beat of the electronic music that made all these guys dance like if there was no tomorrow. They were all demented. Very slowly I was turning into one of them. I couldn´t recognize my heartbeats from the rhythm of the music.

Hundreds of people dancing alone, but in one big group. The sound made us one. You could really enjoy the brush of the sweaty skin with yours. In that state of mind you could enjoy anything.
The crowd, the smell, the screams, the funny taste in your mouth. Everything was good, everyone was energic.

Hours and hours passed and I couldn´t stop dancing. I didn´t want to. Then I remember a smell, then I remember a smile. When I saw her face, I knew she was the one for that night. Then a look, then a touch and then a kiss. When she put her hands in my face I realized who she was. The girl that never was.

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